Reflective Blog Post #4 – TPACK

  1. TPACK – the integration of (T)echnological, (P)edagogical, (a)nd (C)ontent (K)nowledge.  This perfect blend is the ultimate teaching tool.
  2. A coach, that played quarterback (football) throughout his entire school career and briefly into the National Football League, is trying to teach aspiring middle school students how to better throw the football.  The coach has a complete knowledge, through study of the great quarterbacks and physics work, of the mechanics of throwing the football.  He has the pedagogical knowledge in that he can combine his studies with the actual practical experience of showing the students how to throw the ball himself.  The coach wants to integrate technology into his teaching experience to fully utilize the TPACK model.  He realizes EPSN’s Sport Science video series is a fantastic aid for this task.  The coach sets up a lecture where he first describes the theory of throwing a football.  Then he and the students watch the Sport Science video on a computerized projection where he can rotate the video and pop up throw calculators in addition to taking notes on the video display itself.  Lastly, he takes the students outside and they try out their new found knowledge.  Every step of the process builds upon the students’ base knowledge to create a whole new learning experience.
  3. Technological and content knowledge (TCK) is my strongest TPACK combination.  I am often well versed in the subject matter and the technology for teaching / applying it.  My weak point is pedagogical content knowledge (PCK).  Even with the greatest of content understanding, an inability to relatably teach “the how” will cause the greatest of teachers to lose their students.  This is something that I have recognized throughout the course of instruction and with the aid of the TPACK model.  I will use this knowledge, and the help of technological knowledge, to improve my instruction going forward.  I can effectively reach more students by improving upon my weak points.

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