First Jing Attempt: Installing Camtasia

I am sorry about the microphone.  I have tried this MANY times now and cannot get a consistent narration volume.  The volume is generally quiet but there are times when it gets quite loud.  I do not have an external microphone but I will procure one for future projects.  Please bear with me during my initial Jing experiment.

My video is an instructional on how to install the Camtasia video suite for Windows.  Using the free trial, you can use Camtasia for up to 30 days.  As Dr. Huang stated, Jing has a limit of 5 minutes, but Camtasia does not have that limit.  I also found that it is possible to export a completed video from Jing to Camtasia for editing and publishing.

Here’s the link – I couldn’t get the embed code to work.


One thought on “First Jing Attempt: Installing Camtasia

  1. Sound is fine for this exercise. For future reference, you don’t want to select too large a screen (you may just reduce the window size) to avoid scrolling.

    For Camtasia, the university website I posted has a code that you can enter to obtain a copy, instead of just a trial.

    Dr. Huang


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