Group Three’s Favorite People

Part II

Our project group (number 3) collaborated with each other through the Discussion Board on our Blackboard course pages.  I used Google to find my digital presents for the fellow members.  Here are their favorite people and related gifts.


Kari Rice:
1. Ellen Degeneres.

2. Ron Paul.

3. Dolly Parton:  Here’s a video of my favorite Dolly song, Jolene.  Hope you like it too!


Lee Crump:
1. His wife.

2. Dave Matthews:  Here’s an audio recording of one of my favorite Dave songs, Spoon.  He is accompanied by the talented Mr. Tim Reynolds.

3. Patrick Sanders.


Claire Sewell:
1. John Krasinski:  I truly also love the Jim character from the office.  Here is a collection of Dwight pranks for you!

2. Seth Bolt.

3. Her Grandmother.


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