Reflective Blog Post #4 – TPACK TPACK – the integration of (T)echnological, (P)edagogical, (a)nd (C)ontent (K)nowledge.  This perfect blend is the ultimate teaching tool. A coach, that played quarterback (football) throughout his entire school career and briefly into the National Football League, is trying to teach aspiring middle school students how to better throw the […]

An Introduction to Mindomo

Mindomo is a fun and easy to use “mind mapping” tool.  It can be used to visually represent the relationships between ideas and concepts.  Here is a short video tutorial to introduce you to Mindomo located at mindomo.com.  Please feel free to ask questions and comment in the comment section below.  Thank you and enjoy! […]

Experimenting With bubbl.us

bubbl.us is a fun new brainstorming tool that allows the visual representation of the links between ideas. I could see how it could easily be used to examine new ideas and concepts in a fun way that is easier to manipulate than the same idea on paper or even on a whiteboard.   Here’s my […]

First Jing Attempt: Installing Camtasia

I am sorry about the microphone.  I have tried this MANY times now and cannot get a consistent narration volume.  The volume is generally quiet but there are times when it gets quite loud.  I do not have an external microphone but I will procure one for future projects.  Please bear with me during my […]